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Cassie Roma

Cassie Roma

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Cassie Roma

Storyteller, brand strategist, creative innovator, digital native, author, leadership

coach, kindness warrior


Cassie is a California native, and after 16 years in New Zealand, a proud YanKiwi.


Passionate about creative content, social media strategy, the influencer economy, and

storytelling across mediums both emerging and traditional, Cassie has literally lived and

breathed the digital revolution. All the while steering the social media and digital storytelling

ships for brands like Air New Zealand, ANZ Bank, Mighty River Power, NZME, and The

Warehouse Group.

She can also add the title of entrepreneur to her title now as she is currently Founder and

Director of CR&Co – her newest venture into storytelling for business, brand strategy, social

media mastery, influencer marketing and beyond.

Cassie has been awarded and recognised globally as a thought leader in the fields of social

media marketing, storytelling for brands, digital marketing, & the anthropological power of

brand in the lives of consumers. She’s also an author, keynote speaker, professional coach,

and mentor. 


Her main professional goal? Delivering results while having fun doing it. By embracing

change, actively driving innovation, growing positive community engagement, deepening

customer service standards, and streamlining reporting across business units, Cassie has

truly cut her teeth on the cutting edge. She’s also one big bundle of positive energy fuelled

by the belief that great corporate culture is built on a foundation of kindness!



 Storytelling for Business – The ROI of Stories

 What Is Your Story? A Guide to Telling Brand Stories That Resonate

 Social Media and Digital Marketing for Business

 Women in Tech an; AI

 The Magic of Community and; Co-leveraged Marketing

 The Modern Marketer – Defining success beyond profit

 Creating Amazing Content On Any Budget

 The State of Influence In Our Modern Media Age

 Millennials and; Gen Z: Building Businesses for Blue Dot Generations

 Winning Creative Strategies: Cutting through the content din


 Hacking Algorithms and ; Humanity

 AI for Good

 Augmented Intelligence and; Ethics

 Playing The Infinite Game to WIN At Business

 Millennials and; Gen Z: Building Businesses for Blue Dot Generations


 Building a Better (personal) Brand

 Conscious Leadership

 Building Brands and Engaged Workforces

 Finding Your Why

 Building Blocks to Resilience

 Better Business: Building Engaged Teams Through Empathy & Connection

Politics and Advocacy

 LGBTQIA+ Perspectives

 Women in Leadership: Empowering Women at Work

 Ethical Marketing & Personal Privacy

Workshops and Training

- Storytelling for Brands (Cutting through the content clutter)

- Best Practice for Content Marketing

- Employer Brand and; Master Brand Workshops

- Corporate Values sessions and; facilitations

Essential Talent i


Phone: 021 466 733