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Marissa Lewis

Marissa Lewis

Mental Health


Marissa brings a diverse skill set encompassing 20 + years in corporate communications. Key Note speaking. Group Counselling, and private coaching.

Marissa has worked with many companies globally. Through the United Kingdom. Australia. South Pacific. South East Asia. South America. United States (and her most proud country) Aotearoa with Maori Women’s Development Incorporations.

It was through Marissa’s own trauma and personal journey that revealed her true purpose to bring more awareness to mental health. By sharing with her community, she delivers ways to identify, overcome, cope and embrace the day to day challenges that lead to the outrageous statistics of people suffering mental health.

Marissa brings an eloquent, elegant and empowering style of teaching and has written two self-help books that share unconventional ways to transform struggles into strengths. 

Marissa sincerely believes you matter. In just one minute you can change your life and bring forth a healthy mindset that will maintain positive long-lasting well-being. 

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Phone: 021 466 733