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Pallas Hupé Cotter

Pallas Hupé Cotter

Mental Health


A former Emmy-winning US news anchor, Pallas moved to New Zealand nearly ten years ago and reinvented as a speaker/writer/mentor. She won New Zealand’s Brightstar Emerging speaker of the year, did a TEDx talk that has more than 100k views, and has written for outlets like The Spinoff and Huffpost Australia. Pallas helps individuals and small companies learn how to manage change and own their value through personal leadership and brand articulation. Pallas founded a personal development and strategic messaging consultancy called POP, and published books about how to make your life POP with passion, purpose and personality. Her TEDx topic is about Leading an Extraordinary Life. She doesn’t just do motivational speeches, but also loves to facilitate, emcee and conduct interviews, live or broadcast.

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Phone: 021 466 733