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Suzanne Paul

Suzanne Paul



Inspirational speaker Suzanne Paul came from the working class poverty of Wolverhampton in 1991 with just $18 in her pocket and a lot of determination to succeed.

Armed only with her infectious optimism and incredible sales skills, she went on to build the country’s most successful direct marketing company, developing and selling such iconic  products as Natural Glow and the Suzanne Clip.

Within 5 years she had become a Multimillionaire and one of the country’s much loved personalities and keynote speakers, with her own TV shows and also taking out the Dancing with the Stars title in 2007.

At 50 years of age, Suzanne lost everything and was declared bankrupt soon after. Instead of giving up, which she felt like doing many times, Suzanne started again with nothing. 

Even with no previous knowledge of the industry, she successfully launched a range of clothes for short women, called Suzanne Paul Petites, opening her own Shop in the exclusive Suburb of Remuera.                                                  She was able to pay back her creditors and has spent the last 8 years launching Thin Lizzy Makeup into stores both here and in Australia. 

Suzanne also released her number one bestselling book titled ‘But Wait, There’s More’ which shows how anyone can turn their dreams into reality. 


Current work 
Suzanne draws on her own unique background and experience to inspire and motivate others, in an entertaining & energetic presentation. Her ability to make people laugh as a motivational speaker is second to none and she draws on her many hilarious life experiences.

Everyone that hears her keynote, are filled with enthusiasm, passion and determination to succeed, and she gives them the skills they’ll need to keep going, when things get tough!

Suzanne Paul is perfect for covering topics on:
- Sales
- Personal motivation and inspiration
- How to feel happy and full of energy.
- Entrepreneurship
- Or as an MC

Suzanne's style is ideal for any group, large or small and it is assured she will leave a lasting impression.

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Phone: 021 466 733