Wed 29 May

"Lieutenant Dan" Hennessey joins Essential Talent

Daniel didn’t shy away from the backlash. He took full responsibility for the mistake, publicly apologising and owning up to the error

Welcoming Daniel "Lieutenant Dan" Hennessey: The Boxing Announcer Joins Essential Talent

At Essential Talent, we're thrilled to welcome a new and exciting addition to our roster: Daniel "Lieutenant Dan" Hennessey, the renowned boxing announcer. Despite a recent headline-making moment, Daniel’s resilience, innovation, and authenticity make him a perfect fit for our team.

So, what’s all the fuss about? During a major title fight between Nina Hughes and Cherneka Johnson, Daniel made a significant error by initially announcing the wrong winner.

This mix-up led to quite the uproar, with Hughes feeling understandably confused and calling for a rematch​.The mistake quickly went viral, drawing comparisons to other high-profile blunders in live event history.

Daniel didn’t shy away from the backlash. He took full responsibility for the mistake, publicly apologising and owning up to the error. His willingness to face the music and his transparent communication about the incident speaks volumes about his character.

At Essential Talent, we believe in the power of authenticity. Daniel’s straightforwardness, combined with his innovative approach to being an announcer, makes him a perfect fit for our team. His ability to electrify the crowd and his genuine, unfiltered voice are exactly what we value.

We’re looking forward to what the future holds with Daniel "Lieutenant Dan" Hennessey on board.

"It's great to be on board and looking forward in joining the team. ET is fast becoming one of It's leaders in its field and I am very exited to be a small part of their growth. Now, "Would somebody, somewhere.......make some noise!"

Stay tuned for his upcoming speaking engagements and the exciting projects we’re planning together. Let’s celebrate resilience, innovation, and the ability to turn a challenging moment into an opportunity for growth.

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