Welcome to Essential Talent, your gateway to New Zealand's leading Business Speakers. Whether you're scaling a Kiwi startup or steering an established enterprise, our curated lineup offers practical insights for business success.


Promoting Business Growth: Our speakers share proven strategies and stories, offering practical advice to help your business grow in the New Zealand market.

Driving Leadership Excellence: Learn from the best as our speakers delve into leadership styles and strategies that have proven effective in New Zealand’s unique business landscape.

Cultivating an Entrepreneurial Mindset: Our speakers foster the entrepreneurial spirit that has been a cornerstone of many Kiwi business successes.

Creating a Purpose-Led Business: It’s not just about the bottom line. Learn how to build a business that positively impacts your community.


  • What sets Essential Talent's Business Speakers apart?
    Our speakers are industry veterans in the New Zealand market, offering actionable strategies for real-world challenges.

  • What topics can Essential Talent’s Business Speakers cover?
    From business growth and leadership to corporate ethics and innovation, our speakers offer a broad range of insights relevant to Kiwi businesses.

  • Do Essential Talent’s Business Speakers offer virtual presentations?
    Yes, our speakers are proficient in delivering both live and virtual presentations, offering flexibility to suit your needs.

  • How do we select the right speaker for our event?
    At Essential Talent, we work closely with you to match your organisation’s specific needs with our diverse roster of experts.