Australian Speakers

Discover Premier Australian Speakers with Essential Talent

Bring the best of Australia to your events with our exceptional lineup of Australian speakers. Our speakers, including renowned experts and thought leaders, offer unique perspectives and inspiring stories that resonate across the Tasman.

From innovation and leadership to overcoming adversity and achieving success, our Australian talent covers a wide range of topics to captivate and engage your audience. Featuring top professionals in various fields, their expertise will provide invaluable insights and inspiration.

Let our Australian speakers elevate your event with their dynamic presentations and impactful narratives, ensuring an unforgettable experience for your guests.


  1. Trans-Tasman Exchange: Gain unique insights from some of Australia's renowned professionals and thought leaders, offering a different angle without eclipsing our local New Zealand talent.

  2. Tailored Topics: From business to sports, our Australian speakers can cover a range of subjects that will resonate with a New Zealand audience.

  3. Flexible Formats: Whether your event is in New Zealand or Australia, or even online, our speakers are available to suit your needs.

  4. Competitive Edge: While our Kiwi speakers are the stars, a dash of Australian expertise can lend a unique edge to your event.


  • Can Essential Talent’s Australian Speakers travel to New Zealand?
    Certainly, our Australian speakers are available to travel to New Zealand, ensuring a diverse and enriching experience for your audience.

  • How do these speakers resonate with New Zealand audiences?
    Each Australian speaker is selected for their ability to engage and connect with New Zealanders, whether it's discussing shared challenges or different approaches to similar issues.

Expand Your Horizons with a Trans-Tasman Touch

Broaden your event's scope with Essential Talent's roster of Australian speakers, carefully selected to complement and not overshadow our local New Zealand heroes. Experience the benefit of diverse viewpoints, enriching your event while keeping it firmly rooted in Kiwi soil