Sun 03 Dec

Essential Talent's Tony Alexander's Perspective on NZ's Shifting Housing Market December 2024

....there's a surge in investor activity, something we haven't seen this strong since the beginning of 2021

As of 2024, there is a significant shift in New Zealand's housing market, marked by a surge in investor activity, as highlighted by Tony Alexander. This resurgence of investors is the strongest since early 2021, a trend that holds considerable implications for first-time buyers who might have been attracted by previously lower prices​​.

Government decisions are also influencing the market dynamics. The reinstatement of interest deductions on rental incomes is intensifying investor interest, leading to a more competitive environment for both buyers and sellers. These policy changes are expected to further energise the market, impacting the strategies of potential buyers​​.


or those looking to purchase property in this evolving market, Tony Alexander

advises quick and strategic action. The rapid shifts in the market necessitate a well-thought-out approach for successful navigation. Buyers should be prepared for the heightened competition and changing dynamics influenced by both market trends and government policies​​.

Now, what does this mean for you if you're looking to buy? Tony Alexander suggests that it's time to strap your boots and act swiftly. With the market shifting rapidly, he believes that a smart, well-planned approach could be your key to navigating these waters successfully.

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