Fri 30 Jun

"Leadership: It’s Not All Sunshine and Rainbows"

What we really need is a workplace where everyone can express themselves freely without walking on eggshells.

Ever catch the latest political buzz going around New Zealand? Without getting into the nitty-gritty or taking sides, let's chew the fat about how it highlights some real-life leadership pickles.

Look, being a leader isn't just about cutting ribbons and delivering killer speeches. It's about stepping into the ring when things get sticky, like when you've just landed from a business trip and an office dispute decides to throw a party.

Our PM’s reaction to the drama around MP Kiri Allan shows us just how rocky the leadership road can be. Amidst the uncertainty, he stuck to his guns, keeping staffing matters behind closed doors. Kind of like a reminder that being the boss means you've got to keep calm, stay composed, and not let the storm ruffle your feathers.

Then, there's the subject of the allegations against Allan – a lack of respect. It’s important not to point fingers without the whole story, but this situation gives us a wake-up call. No matter how tense things get, we've got to stay cool, give everyone a chance to talk, and keep it respectful. What we really need is a workplace where everyone can express themselves freely without walking on eggshells.

In the words of one of our amazing motivational speakers Suzanne Paul "But wait, there's more!" Leadership can also mean dealing with old ghosts that decide to show up uninvited. Our PM had to handle these issues, even though they happened before he took the wheel. His approach? "I can deal with complaints that are made, I can deal with actual issues." That's some solid advice right there – a good leader doesn't dodge problems; they face them head-on.

So, what’s the moral of the story? Leadership can be a tough gig. It’s about juggling public trust with confidentiality, addressing concerns without jumping the gun, and fostering a space where everyone can communicate respectfully. It shows us that being a leader isn't just about the photo-ops and applause; it’s also about the tough calls and difficult decisions.

At the end of the day, this saga gives us a glimpse into the real-world challenges of leadership. It's a reminder that being a leader isn't just about the grand gestures – it's also about the quiet decisions that truly define what leadership is all about.

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