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New Zealand's Best Rugby Speakers, set to motivate you as we head into the Rugby World Cup 2023

Tui is a beacon of resilience and determination, inspiring a generation of girls to charge headfirst into their dreams, no matter how distant or unattainable they may seem.

In the hallowed halls of rugby, where the echoes of thunderous applause, shattering tackles, and triumphant roars live on, a unique breed of individuals exists. These individuals, elevated beyond the stature of mere mortals, are the great rugby speakers - the gallant guardians of the sport's rich history and its intrinsic values. This group of individuals, our extraordinary rugby speakers, personify passion, perseverance, and sheer grit, transcending the confines of the pitch to inspire people in all walks of life. They stand as motivational, sport, business, and keynote speakers who have turned their hard-earned wisdom into essential talent.

Let's kick off with a true titan of New Zealand rugby, Sir Wayne 'Buck' Shelford. As a rugby speaker, he channels the same tenacity that once saw him lead the All Blacks to an undefeated run during his tenure as captain. His awe-inspiring talks delve deep into the realms of motivation, echoing the robust spirit of a man who, despite being diagnosed with cancer, never let the disease take away his indomitable spirit. Buck Shelford, with his knack for emboldening audiences, exemplifies the essence of a motivational rugby speaker, making him a sought-after figure on and off the pitch.

In the same breath of motivational rugby speakers

, the name Ruby Tui emerges. Her energetic demeanor and vivacious personality make her an instant hit. But it's her compelling journey as a rugby player, breaking through barriers in a predominantly male sport, that sets her apart. Tui is a beacon of resilience and determination, inspiring a generation of girls to charge headfirst into their dreams, no matter how distant or unattainable they may seem.

One can't help but mention Scott "Razor" Robertson in this illustrious mix. A celebrated rugby player and now a revered coach, Razor is a force to reckon with. His charisma, infectious enthusiasm, and innovative approach to the game have brought about a renaissance in the way rugby is played and coached. The lessons he shares aren't limited to the sport; they extend into all aspects of life, encouraging us all to challenge norms, break boundaries and infuse a bit of fun into everything we do. His blend of motivation and sport is a cutting-edge narrative that keeps the audience engaged and inspired.

Another powerhouse in our midst is Sir Graham Henry, a man revered in the business and motivational speaking circuits. His distinguished tenure as the All Blacks coach brought the Webb Ellis Cup back to New Zealand in 2011, and along with it, a renewed sense of belief and self-confidence. Today, Sir Graham Henry draws on his years of expertise to share invaluable insights on leadership, team building, and performance under pressure - skills transferable from the pitch to the boardroom.

Standing alongside these greats is Gilbert Enoka, a man whose name is synonymous with mental fortitude. As the All Blacks' long-standing mental skills coach, Gilbert has mastered the art of the mind game. His ability to build resilience, foster a winning mentality, and instill a culture of high performance makes him an invaluable asset in both sporting and corporate environments. As a speaker, he seamlessly weaves together threads of business and motivation, offering a unique perspective on managing change and overcoming adversity.

Then there's the stellar Tyla Nathan-Wong, an Olympic Silver medalist and a symbol of dedication and hard work. Her journey, painted with the sweat and tears of her time in the Olympics and rugby, is a testament to her enduring passion for the sport. The lessons she imparts as a rugby speaker resonate with anyone who has ever dared to dream big.

Meanwhile, Andrew Mehrtens, another maestro with the rugby ball, continues to inspire as a motivational speaker. His journey from South Africa to becoming an All Black legend is filled with moments of triumph, tenacity, and resilience. Mehrtens has an uncanny ability to draw people in with his relatable storytelling style, leaving audiences riveted and inspired to tackle their challenges head-on.

Last but not least, we have Kieran Read, a man who walks the fine line between sport and business with grace. His talks intertwine the discipline of sport with the principles of business leadership, offering practical strategies for success. Read's leadership style on the field and his approach to the business world have much in common, making him a unique rugby speaker who offers a valuable blend of insight and inspiration.

These are the voices from the world of rugby - the catalysts of motivation, the purveyors of wisdom, and the heralds of inspiration. Their stories of triumph, resilience, and innovation serve as a testament to the spirit of rugby and its enduring values.

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