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Dave Letele's new show HEAVYWEIGHT,(updated Dec 14, 2023)

Letele's story is one of second chances, of relentless resilience and the willingness to transform. Essential Talent, a group of motivational speakers, could look to his journey as an embodiment of their message.

The fascinating narrative of Dave Letele, one of New Zealand's most respected motivational speakers, presents an inspirational journey of transformation and resilience. An emblem of triumph, Letele's life holds a beacon of hope for individuals wrestling with their personal demons.

Born to a gang leader, Dave Letele's early years were marked by adversity. His transformative journey from a former boxer to an inspiring figure and local hero of 2022 exemplifies that change is possible for anyone, regardless of their past.

A critical part of his story is his remarkable battle against obesity, where he went from a peak weight of 210kg to a healthier size. This journey, both public and inspiring, has motivated many, highlighting the universal struggles we all face.

Letele founded BBM Motivation, which evolved from a fitness initiative into a community support organisation. Known as 'Brown Buttabean' from his boxing days, his work with BBM extends to running food banks, social supermarkets, and community kitchens, demonstrating his dedication to uplifting his community.

In 2023, Letele unveiled 'Heavyweight', a three-part TV series on TVNZ. The series delves into personal stories of everyday Kiwis, extending beyond individual struggles to address broader societal challenges. 'Heavyweight' is not just for entertainment; it aims to provide hope and foster empathy among viewers. Letele's motivation is to illuminate stories that often go unheard and to break the chains of judgement surrounding societal issues.

Now, as we reach the end of 2023, there's exciting news for fans of 'Heavyweight'. TVNZ has commissioned new episodes of the series, set to air in 2024. These episodes will continue to feature Letele discussing his tough upbringing and interviewing inspiring Kiwis, digging deeper into issues that affect our communities. The forthcoming episodes are expected to be as cathartic and impactful as the first, bringing to light more untold stories and continuing Letele's mission to effect change through sharing.

Dave Letele doesn't just preach about hope; he embodies it. Whether through his speeches, BBM Motivation, or 'Heavyweight', he serves as a beacon of light for those struggling with personal battles. His story is a powerful testament to the idea of not just enduring but overcoming. The upcoming episodes of 'Heavyweight' in 2024 will further amplify this message, echoing that if others can do it, so can you

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