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Dave Letele

Dave Letele, a former professional boxer and South Auckland community leader, is a compelling choice for a keynote speaker at your next event.

Known as Brown Buttabean, Letele's life story is one of resilience and transformation, making him an inspiration to many in New Zealand and beyond. He overcame a challenging childhood, significant personal struggles, and a near-death experience to become a successful entrepreneur, athlete, and advocate for the underprivileged.

In 2023, Letele has continued to make impactful contributions. He launched his first television venture, "Heavyweight with Dave Letele," where he interviews notable personalities, offering profound insights and engaging storytelling​​​​. Two new episodes are on the way! His commitment to social causes is evident in his work with the BBM Motivation team, focusing on providing food for hungry families and advocating for an end to world hunger​​​​.

Letele's expertise extends beyond his community work. His business acumen, developed through personal experiences of building and losing businesses, equips him with unique insights into organisational change and creating positive outcomes for those most in need​​. His leadership skills, honed from an unconventional background, demonstrate his ability to inspire and motivate others towards great achievements​​.

His motivational journey, from hitting rock bottom to re-inventing himself and creating a significant social movement, showcases his ability to connect with and inspire diverse audiences​​.

His story resonates with themes of determination, resilience, and the power of community, making him an ideal keynote speaker for events focusing on business, leadership, personal transformation, and community engagement.

Dave Letele's speaker profile for a 45-minute keynote with a 15-minute Q&A is perfect for your event. Essential Talent will facilitate a 15-minute prep call between you and Letele, ensuring a tailored and impactful presentation. Additionally, we provide an industry-standard written agreement for your peace of mind.

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Dave was awesome, well matched for us, connected so well with our audience and had a lot of strong motivating messages. He even got hugs from our guys afterwards, and the vibe after he left was uplifting!


Dave’s relentless positivity is contagious, which makes him a perfect fit for our Leadership Development workshop. Dave’s life story is remarkable and as a guest speaker he strikes a perfect balance between being an incredibly engaging storyteller whilst weaving in messaging around hard-work and the importance of community and perseverance. All of which resonates perfectly with our team and has been having a really meaningful impact.

Silver Fern Farms

Dave was fabulous! He had a great vibe and was very relatable! He was inspiring!! We all loved him!