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Miraka (Shelly) Davies

Miraka Davies is an accomplished communication expert, trainer, and author, celebrated for her innovative approach to effective writing and communication in the modern business world.

Miraka Davies, described as the "popping candy of the corporate training world," brings a unique and vibrant energy to her role as a speaker and educator. Her journey is marked by resilience and transformation, having started university at 16, faced personal tragedies, and embraced new experiences and cultures throughout her life. Miraka's diverse background includes being a high school teacher, university teacher, indigenous educator, researcher, and writer. In 2012, she transitioned into communications, currently serving as the Managing Director of Shelly Davies Writing & Training in Hamilton. Her approach to business writing emphasises authenticity, transparency, and courage, transcending traditional norms of communication.

In 2023, Miraka has been active in various leadership and professional development events. She was a featured keynote speaker at the ThinkTank Media’s 2023 Emerging Leaders Summit, New Zealand’s key event for the next generation of managers, directors, and leaders. This summit focuses on inspiring and equipping professionals to excel in their careers. Shelly's involvement in such events reflects her commitment to fostering emerging talent and leadership​​.

Additionally, Miraka shared her expertise at the ThinkTank Media’s 2023 Corporate PA Summit, aimed at empowering executive assistants, personal assistants, and administrative professionals. This summit focuses on helping these professionals reach their full potential and excel in their roles​​. Shelly also presented at the iMedia Modern Media Summit New Zealand, a platform for thought leadership in the media industry, where she addressed leading media and brand practitioners from New Zealand's top advertisers​​. Furthermore, she presented the closing keynote at the SIFA Conference 2023, addressing topics like toxic professionalism and the importance of plain language and effective communication​​.

Miraka Davies is not just a speaker; she's a storyteller who uses her life's experiences to connect with her audience on a deeper level. Her sessions are not only informative but also engaging and transformative, making her an excellent choice for your event. Her ability to resonate with diverse audiences and her expertise in communication and leadership make her a valuable addition to any conference or large-scale event.

Duration: 45 minutes. 15 minutes Q and A. Essential Talent arranges a prep call with Miraka Davies prior to the event and provides an industry-standard agreement for peace of mind.