Jeremy Corbett

Jeremy Corbett, a renowned New Zealand radio and television host and comedian, offers a unique blend of humour and insightful commentary, making him a superb choice for any major event. Originally from Westport and having grown up in Palmerston North, with a stint in Perth, Australia, Jeremy's experiences have shaped his engaging and relatable storytelling style.

In his illustrious career, Jeremy transitioned from being a former breakfast co-host for More FM's Auckland broadcast, a role he held since 1993 and concluded in November 2011, to making a significant impact on television. He gained widespread popularity through shows like Pulp Comedy and as the host of the New Zealand edition of Deal or No Deal. His ongoing role since 2009 as the host of the comedy game show 7 Days highlights his sharp wit and excellent comedic timing.

More recently, Jeremy played a pivotal role in The Project on TV3, a prime-time television show blending news and entertainment. Despite the show's discontinuation at the end of 2023, his contribution over its seven-year tenure showcased his ability to balance serious and light-hearted content, making him an ideal speaker for events that require a mix of depth and levity.

For conference organisers and corporate event planners, Jeremy Corbett is an exemplary choice.

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