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Mike Beagley

Mike Beagley, the long-standing CEO of the New Zealand menswear brand Rodd & Gunn, has been steering the company since 2000 with a clear vision to expand its global presence while maintaining a distinct Kiwi identity​​.

Under his leadership, Rodd & Gunn has seen significant growth, especially in the US, where it launched in 2016. The brand operates 20 stores, a concession, and three outlets in New Zealand, and has successfully established a strong international presence. Beagley's strategic approach includes a focus on multichannel, wholesale business, e-commerce, and retail networks that add value to the overall business​​.

Beagley's innovative strategies are not limited to expansion but also encompass sustainability and ethical sourcing. Rodd & Gunn has dedicated a department to these initiatives, reflecting a commitment that extends beyond mere marketing. This approach is part of the brand's DNA, underlining their responsibility to sustainable practices​​.

What sets Beagley apart as a CEO is his direct engagement with customers. He personally oversees customer feedback, including complaints and suggestions, ensuring he stays connected to the consumer experience​​. He has also made significant decisions like focusing solely on menswear, which he believes maintains the brand's purity and identity​​.

Rodd & Gunn's recent expansions include nine lodges in the US, with plans for continued growth. The brand also integrates online and physical retail experiences, offering 24/7 customer support across different time zones. Beagley's leadership style is marked by passion and a continuous drive to evolve the brand​​.

Duration: 45 minutes. 15 minutes Q&A.

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