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Andrew Sissons

Andrew Sissons is a former New Zealand Police Tactical Commander and a visionary leader of high-performance teams.

With over 30 years of experience, he has led numerous teams into more than 1500 high-risk domestic situations, demonstrating unparalleled leadership skills. As the only police officer in New Zealand Police history to rise from frontline Tactical Operator to leading the country's Tactical Response Units and capabilities, Andrew's specialised operational experiences make him uniquely qualified to share invaluable guidance and leadership tools with your audience.

Recently resigning after three decades of extensive professional development in high-risk operations and decision-making under extreme pressure, Andrew offers elegantly simple yet effective and contemporary leadership tools. His compelling "better work stories" highlight his expertise in areas such as inspirational leadership to create a culture of excellence in high-performance teams, precision decision-making under pressure in complex and dynamic environments, and commanding operations to apprehend New Zealand's most dangerous offenders.