Bruce Turkel

Bruce Turkel helps his audiences understand how to make their brands relevant to their customers and how to differentiate themselves from competitors.

Bruce is a sought-after speaker on the subjects of branding, creativity, innovation, and leadership. An accomplished passionate presenter, he gladly shares easy-to-follow, proven steps for building brand value with his audiences.

Bruce has an overarching theme for his talks: it’s “all about them.” Bruce instructs your audience members to focus on their customers, not their products or services, helping them open their minds and discover their creativity. Drawing from his 30-plus years of ad agency experience, Bruce helps your audiences understand how to make their brands attractive to their customers, as well as how innovation can differentiate them from their competitors.

Bruce is captivating and insightful on stage. His unique presentations combine engaging wit, creative insights, thought-provoking ideas and smoking hot notes on his harmonica.

Satisfied audiences from Bruce’s talks at MIT, Harvard, CHRIS and TEDx, and attendees at hundreds of corporate and industry events all agree that Bruce’s message, entertainment value, and inspiration stick around long after the session is over. That’s when your participants go back to work and think… differently.


REALM Global Real Estate Collective, Attendee

"Bruce’s presentation was spot on. It’s been a game changer. Taking his approach [already] fostered some truly meaningful engagement. I appreciated his commitment to helping all better ourselves and grow."

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Walker & Dunlop

"Many conference attendees commented on how much they enjoyed the presentation. As you could tell by my opening remarks on Tuesday, what Bruce said had a profound impact on many people in the audience."

Brand Director, Grey Goose Vodka

"Bruce speaks with confidence and competence while triggering the audience to build solutions, which worked extremely well across our marketing organization."