Andrew Mulligan

Andrew Mulligan is a prominent New Zealand broadcaster known for his versatility, charisma, and extensive experience in both radio and television. As a co-host of The Rock’s highly popular "Morning Rumble" show, Andrew entertains and engages listeners with his sharp wit and dynamic personality.

In addition to his radio career, Andrew is a well-respected sports commentator, particularly in the basketball community. He is a key commentator for Sky Sport's coverage of the New Zealand National Basketball League (NZNBL) and the Breakers games, bringing insightful analysis and a deep passion for the sport to viewers. His role in basketball commentary has made him a familiar and trusted voice among fans across the country.

Andrew’s broadcasting career also includes his work on "The Crowd Goes Wild," where he showcases his expertise in presenting, producing, and reporting. He has covered major sporting events such as the Olympics and Commonwealth Games, demonstrating his ability to handle high-pressure live broadcasts with ease.

Beyond broadcasting, Andrew is a sought-after MC for various events, from corporate functions to sports awards. His ability to combine professionalism with a personable approach makes him an ideal host who can keep events running smoothly while entertaining the audience. Notable events he has hosted include the Halberg Awards and the Steinlager Rugby Awards.

Andrew's extensive experience, engaging style, and passion for sports make him a standout choice for any event requiring a top-tier Master of Ceremonies. Whether it's adding a touch of humor to a corporate gathering or providing insightful commentary at a sports event, Andrew Mulligan delivers with excellence.

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