Sarah Laurie

Sarah Laurie is an inspiring and engaging speaker who has captivated audiences in New Zealand and Australia for over 15 years.

With a keen focus on addressing some of the most significant challenges faced in the workplace, Sarah has extensively researched topics such as stress, change, energy, increased workload, and pace.

As a best-selling author, Sarah has written three influential books: Change your Life, From Tired to Inspired, and Stress Less. Her most recent publication, Take a Breath, further showcases her expertise in the field. In addition to her writing, Sarah is the founder and creator of the acclaimed digital health platform, Take a Breath.

Drawing on her research and real-world experiences, Sarah shares valuable insights and strategies to help individuals and organisations tackle these challenges, ultimately promoting well-being and productivity in the workplace. Her passion, knowledge, and engaging presence make her a sought-after speaker, leaving a lasting impact on all who attend her talks.