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Paula Bennett

Paula Bennett, a motivational powerhouse with a remarkable journey from a solo teenage mum to Deputy Prime Minister of New Zealand, is an exceptional choice for your next major event or conference.

Her story is one of true resilience and determination, marked by her ascent to one of the highest political offices in the country. Paula's career spans over 15 years in New Zealand politics, where she served as a list and electorate MP, held a seat in Sir John Key’s cabinet as the Minister of Social Development and Employment, Disabilities, and Youth Affairs, and took on a diverse range of portfolios including Finance, State Services, Social Housing, Police, Local Government, Tourism, and Climate Change​​.

After her departure from politics in 2020, Paula has successfully transitioned to new roles, demonstrating her versatility and continued relevance. She is currently the Director of Strategic Advisory at Bayleys Commercial and, in 2021, became a Co-Host of the TVNZ game show, "Give Us A Clue". Her experience in fronting this game show represents a significant step in rediscovering her authentic self, a journey that has allowed her to step out of her political persona and embrace new challenges and opportunities​​.

In addition to her television role, Paula has taken on a key position at Bayley's Realty Group's commercial division as their National Director of Client Solutions. Her insights into government operations make her an invaluable asset in this advisory role. Moreover, Paula has started writing a weekly column for the NZ Herald, showcasing her ability to connect with a broader audience through her unique perspectives and experiences​​.

Paula's personal life story is equally inspiring. Having become a mother at the age of 17, she faced considerable challenges but found her voice and path to success. Today, she is a proud mother and grandmother, reflecting on the importance of family and the ability to balance personal and professional life​​.

A session with Paula Bennett, lasting 45 minutes with an additional 15 minutes for Q&A, will not only motivate but also provide practical insights into overcoming adversity, achieving goals, and making significant life transitions. Essential Talent ensures thorough preparation with a prep call with Paula prior to the event and provides an industry-standard agreement for your peace of mind.