Brendhan Lovegrove

Winner of the 2015 NZ Comedy Guild Award for Best Male Comedian, and again in 2018!

Brendhan is a favourite on the NZ Comedy Circuit and a much-loved regular headliner and host at The Classic. He has appeared on numerous local television programmes including all 8 series of Pulp Comedy TV, the last series of which he hosted. He stars in TVNZ's mockumentary 'A Night At The Classic' Season 1 and 2; as well as several appearances on TV3's 7 Days. 


Brendhan's performance at CybeSecCon kicked ass. After a very long day, everyone had finished a buffet dinner and needed to be energized before we got into our awards. We also wanted to keep the audience around.. This is where Brendhan came in… From the moment he stepped onto the stage, his fantastic voice resonated through the room, immediately capturing the audience's attention. With confidence and charisma, he effortlessly engaged the diverse crowd, making people fall into fits of laughter.

What set Brendhan apart was his ability to push the boundaries of humour for a corporate space without crossing the line. In an industry known for its conservative atmosphere, his daring yet professional approach was very well received. The laughter that filled the conference hall was a testament to his comedic prowess, leaving a positive and lasting impact on the audience.

David Gadnyx

Marketing manager

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