Lisa McInnes-Smith

International Speaker Hall of Fame presenter Lisa McInnes-Smith has an extraordinary capacity to inspire audiences to make tangible leader-shifts in behaviour.

Lisa McInnes-Smith has been instrumental in the transformation of people’s careers and relationships. She is the first Australian to be inducted into the International Speaker Hall of Fame as well as the Australian Speaker Hall of Fame. Lisa’s expertise is inspiring leaders to rise and create tangible shifts in themselves and their teams. She is a catalyst for growth.

She has presented to more than 2 1/2 million people across 32 countries and authored seven best selling books. Her highly interactive keynote presentations take the audience on a journey.
They are challenged to embrace a new way of thinking about and seeing, their current situation. Lisa not only inspires people to change, but shows them the practical ways they can improve their performance fast.

After three decades of helping people to transform their lives and businesses, Lisa knows what it takes for people to change – to change direction, change attitude, change behaviour and outcomes. Lisa empowers people to change.

As a naturally entertaining, energising communicator, Lisa is as comfortable delivering her dynamic fast paced presentations as she is hosting events as the consummate MC.
Lisa delivers her absolute best every time she takes the stage. Get ready to have fun!


Regional Director, Kronos Australia

"From the way that she personalises her presentations, her engagement, and her insights – It was just fabulous. The team were saying it’s perhaps one of the best presentations they have been to."

Advertising & Promotions Manager, Quest Serviced Apartments

"Your opening session set the theme for our event and energised our franchisees. Your unique communication style ensured your message sank in. You exceeded our expectations from the initial meeting to the post-event debrief."

Lufthansa German Airlines

"Your ability to keep the participants interested and involved and your approach to make learning a fun experience contributed greatly to the success of the event."