Murray Thom

Murray Streets is a seasoned expert in the fields of marketing and advertising, with a career spanning over twenty years across both the United Kingdom and New Zealand.

Having held significant leadership positions including Chief Strategy Officer at renowned agencies such as FCB and Saatchi & Saatchi, and as the Managing Director of Dentsu Creative until early 2023, Murray brings a wealth of experience and insights into business leadership and strategic thinking.

His journey in the world of advertising and marketing has given him an exceptional understanding of the dynamics of effective leadership and the creation of powerful connections between leaders and their teams, a concept he refers to as ‘atomic leadership’. Murray's keen interest in the science of leadership has been a driving force in his career, shaping his approach to building and guiding successful teams.

In March 2023, Murray embarked on an entrepreneurial venture with the launch of Filament. This new undertaking is a testament to his commitment to applying human insights to enhance connections between brands, businesses, and people, focusing particularly on the realms of leadership and team development.

Murray's profound understanding of the intersection between human behaviour and business strategy makes him an engaging and insightful motivational speaker. He shares his experiences and knowledge with a focus on how to foster effective leadership, build cohesive teams, and create impactful brand strategies. His ability to translate complex concepts into actionable insights is highly valued in his presentations.

Duration: 45 minutes. 15 minutes Q and A. Essential Talent arranges a prep call with Murray Streets prior to the event and provides an industry-standard agreement for peace of mind.