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Willy de Wit

Born William McGechie, Willy soon found his niche in comedy and found a new career (and new name). Pioneering NZ’s stand-up comedy scene in the 1980s, Willy moved into TV, working with giants like Billy T James, and McPhail & Gadbsy. He was part of the iconic and hugely successful TV group Funny Business, which led de Wit into a career in radio.  Willy spent 11 years as the morning host of Radio Hauraki, and was also part of the kiwi supergroup The Wide Lapels. However, everything came crashing down for him from 2011 on. Depression, drug addiction and alcoholism culminated in a massive stroke suffered in 2016.

Six years on Willy is making a welcome return to the spotlight, launching his book 'Drink, Smoke, Snort, Stroke" reflecting on his life struggles, success AND failures..it's not so much a 'triumph over adversity' story, but more of a 'contentment over adversity' one. Pundits already predict it making the bestseller list 2022.

Willy is available for public speaking gigs either corporate or privately and brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and honesty to his compelling shows, followed by an open, no holds barred Q&A session !