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Sian Leonard

Now leading CPG businesses in the national and global FMCG space as a Board Member, General Manager and Strategic Advisor Sian isn't here to boast about her success. 

An open book Sian openly and candidly shares her journey from highly publicised award winning Founder of first to market global beverage company Water Buddies, to the disastrous unforeseen event which plummeted her from coupled up multi millionaire business owner and homeowner to bankrupt homeless solo Mum, “from the sea views in Campbells Bay, to learning rock bottom had a whole separate basement floor”.

Sian’s story highlights the non fairy tale challenges of entrepreneurs who courageously opt out of the safety of the sidelines choosing instead to step into the battleground of the commercial arena even when that means the knocks are far more frequent than the medal ceremonies.

Whilst this ‘once upon a time’ does cover the topic of suicide, Sian delivers her story with classic kiwi humour flipping the narrative on shame and failure revealing its invaluable and essential by product - courage and resilience.

Sian has since gone on to head export markets at Tip Top Fonterra, Open Country Dairy and Essano and is an independent contractor on business strategy coaching Founders and launching highly successful recognised kiwi start ups into domestic and offshore markets.