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Dr Paul Wood

Born and raised in New Zealand, Dr Paul Wood has become a renowned motivational speaker, author, facilitator, and doctor of psychology.

His journey is a testament to the power of change and self-improvement. Wood's early life was tumultuous, marked by a challenging peer group, drug dependence, and criminal activities. At 18, he faced a significant turning point, being imprisoned for murder. However, it was during his incarceration that Wood's remarkable transformation began. He pursued education with determination, achieving both undergraduate and master's degrees while in prison, and eventually completed a PhD in psychology, becoming the first New Zealander to do so under such circumstances​​​​.

Since his release, Wood has channeled his experiences into helping others. He wrote two notable books, "How to Escape from Prison," an autobiographical account of his life, and "Mental Fitness," a guide to building resilience. Wood's speaking engagements, including a TEDxAuckland talk, are well-received for their authenticity and insight​​. Balancing his professional achievements, Wood is also a family man, married with children​​.

Wood's services are tailored for those striving for excellence and growth. His workshops are known for their active, engaging, and fun approach, focusing on building self-awareness and personal accountability. He emphasizes behavior change and growth, offering personalized and exclusive coaching. His approach is marked by authenticity, insight, and humor, ensuring that his audiences are both challenged and inspired​​​​​​​​​​.

Clients highly praise Wood's impact, citing his ability to adapt messages to diverse audiences and his practical, engaging strategies. His workshops have been described as transformative and empowering, leaving a lasting impact on individuals and organizations alike. Feedback highlights Wood's skill in creating a trusting and open environment, his genuine desire to make a difference, and his ability to engage audiences with a blend of realism and humor​​​​​​​​​​​​​​.

Duration: 45 minutes. 15 minutes Q&A.

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