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Suzanne Paul

Suzanne Paul, a beacon of inspiration and determination, is an ideal motivational speaker for any significant event or conference.

Hailing from Wolverhampton's working-class poverty, Suzanne arrived in New Zealand in 1991 with just $18 and a dream. Her incredible journey of resilience and entrepreneurship is not just inspiring but also relatable, making her an excellent choice for your event.

With her unparalleled optimism and exceptional sales skills, Suzanne built New Zealand's most successful direct marketing company, introducing iconic products like Natural Glow and the Suzanne Clip. Within just five years, she had become a multimillionaire and a beloved national personality. However, her story took a dramatic turn when she lost everything and faced bankruptcy at 50. Undeterred, Suzanne rebuilt her life from scratch, launching Suzanne Paul Petites, a clothing line for short women, and successfully introduced Thin Lizzy Makeup in both New Zealand and Australia, demonstrating her relentless spirit and entrepreneurial acumen​​.

Suzanne's number one bestselling book, ‘But Wait, There’s More’, is a testament to her ability to turn dreams into reality. As a speaker, she utilises her unique background and experiences to motivate and entertain audiences. Her presentations are filled with humour and life lessons, making her an outstanding motivational speaker. She covers various topics, including sales, personal motivation, inspiration, entrepreneurship, and can also serve as an MC. Suzanne's style is versatile, suitable for both large and small groups, and she is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on every attendee​​.

In 2023, Suzanne took the advertising world by storm, joining forces with Briscoes, showcasing her enduring appeal and versatility. Her presence in a series of ads for Briscoes, often paired with the equally iconic Tammy Wells, marked a significant moment in New Zealand advertising, highlighting her continued relevance and influence. This move has been described as a paradigm shift and a cultural reset in the advertising world, reflecting Suzanne's ability to engage with diverse audiences and her unparalleled sales prowess​​.

A session with Suzanne Paul, lasting 45 minutes followed by a 15-minute Q&A, promises to energise and inspire your audience. Essential Talent facilitates a prep call with Suzanne prior to the event and provides an industry-standard agreement to ensure a smooth and successful experience.