Ruby Tui, an exceptional figure in women's rugby, brings a dynamic presence and global impact to the sporting world.

Her journey, marked by significant achievements and a dedication to advocacy, resonates strongly with diverse audiences, making her an outstanding speaker for your event.

In 2023, Ruby made a strategic move to grow rugby sevens in the United States by signing with Premier Rugby Sevens (PR7s). Her decision reflects not only her commitment to the sport but also her aim to promote women's rugby globally. Tui's participation in PR7s is considered a historic moment for rugby and women's sports in the U.S., highlighting her stature as a significant advocate for women's sports globally.

Ruby Tui's achievements in rugby are remarkable. She is an Olympic Gold medalist, a Rugby World Cup Champion, and was named the World Rugby 15s Player of the Year in 2022. Her accolades on the field are a testament to her status as a sporting legend and an inspiration.

Beyond her sporting triumphs, Ruby is an author, having penned 'Little Ruby & Friends,' a children’s book imparting valuable life lessons. Her role as a commentator for SKY TV and World Rugby, and as an Ambassador for the New Zealand Olympic Team, further showcases her versatile influence beyond rugby.

Tui's advocacy extends to mental health within the sporting community, where she serves as an ambassador for the Headfirst initiative and supports Women's Refuge Westport. Her commitment to these causes underlines her role as a champion of mental health.

As a speaker, Ruby Tui's journey in rugby and her efforts off the field underscore her commitment to empowering others and championing significant causes. Her story is a powerful testament to the transformative power of determination, hard work, and a positive mindset, inspiring countless individuals worldwide.

Ruby Tui's 45-minute talk, followed by a 15-minute Q&A session, promises to be a captivating and inspiring experience for your audience. Essential Talent arranges a prep call with Ruby Tui prior to the event and provides an industry-standard agreement for peace of mind.