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Freddie Bennett

“From Overworked To Overachiever: Meet the Guinness World Record holder who creates Professional Superheroes”

Freddie Bennett is a man on a mission.

Do you know anyone who went from: Stressed, depressed, addicted, unfit and overweight corporate executive... To complete the world toughest footrace across the scorching Sahara Desert, fighting blizzards, frostbite and polar bears to run across the Arctic towards the North Pole, and is featured in the Guinness Book of World Records as the fastest person to ever run a marathon...dressed as a fisherman?

You do now.

Described by Men’s Health magazine as ‘The foremost expert in mindset, resilience and high performance’, Freddie Bennett is a bestselling author with ‘Starting at Zero - The Guide To Making Your Dreams Come True With Everything Else is F**ked’’ , Apple Top-25 Podcast host, sought after consultant and speaker at a variety of leading global brands including Coca-Cola, Amazon, Microsoft, IHG, Vodafone, Heineken, PwC, Accenture, Virgin Atlantic... and The United Nations.

When it comes to resilience, a high-performance mindset, strength in adversity and leading through change, Freddie gives you experience, insight and emotion like no other. Other speakers talk about it. Freddie is the only speaker who has lived it.

New Zealand media calls him “The saviour of the professional services industry” and Men’s Health magazine described him as “The foremost expert in mindset, resilience and high performance”. But this is not your bog-standard, unrelatable, ‘rally the troops’ yawn-fest delivered by a cookie-cutter, square-jawed ‘motivational speaker’ dropping tired-old cliches.

What makes Freddie unique is that he’s NOT an ex-Navy SEAL, a professional athlete, privileged adventurer or a smooth-talking life coach. He was an everyday corporate manager who battled depression, addiction, imposter syndrome burnout and and breakdown... then decided to become extraordinary.

Now, he proves to businesses and individuals that they can achieve the goals they once considered impossible.

From Amazon to Virgin Atlantic, from Coca-Cola to Vodafone, and from PwC to Heineken via IHG, Freddie has graced some of the most iconic stages in the US, Australasia and Europe on topics like:

  • Turning a Disruption into Your Unfair Advantage

  • How to Create a Win In a Losing Streak

  • Fit for The Future: Creating Confidence & Resilience Through Change.

  • The Mask of Confidence: Why Imposter Syndrome Is

  • Your Secret to Success

  • How to Perform - and Profit - Under Pressure

  • From Burnout To Breakthrough

  • ‘Time-Folding’ to Turbocharge Productivity

  • The Authenticity Myth: How to Profit From Your True Nature

  • Anabolic Thinking: How to create a win in the toughest of markets


“You helped us create more time and money. For ambitious leaders like us, your knowledge is the fuel we need”

Dan Reed, Director, Adobe

“Freddie has this unique mindset. He identified and fixed where I was tripping myself up in a way that spoke my language. A real game-changer”

Colm Deeney, Director, IHG

“I am very impressed with Freddie's energy, drive, leadership and expertise, and so grateful for his insights”

Matt King, Partner, PwC

“Freddie! The way you help me see my barriers and give me confidence is simply amazing. Thank you!”
Justin Ho, Director, Virgin Atlantic

“This really is something new. I’m so impressed by the results Freddie delivers for our teams"

Dorian Crighton, Director, Baker Tilly