Mark Sainsbury

Mark Sainsbury's influence in New Zealand's media landscape extends far beyond his well-known roles in broadcasting and journalism. Celebrated for his extensive career, Sainsbury is equally renowned for his exceptional skills as an MC and an after-dinner keynote speaker.

Sainsbury's journey in the media began in radio, laying a foundation for his exceptional communication skills. His transition to television, particularly as the host of TVNZ's 'Close Up' program from 2006 to 2012, brought him national recognition. His ability to dissect complex political issues with clarity and empathy won him accolades and respect.

His tenure at Radio Live further highlighted his versatility. As a host, Sainsbury demonstrated an unparalleled ability to engage with a wide range of topics, showcasing his depth of knowledge and adaptability.

Beyond broadcasting, Sainsbury has made a significant mark as an MC and keynote speaker. His experience and poise, honed over years in the media, have made him a sought-after figure at various events, including corporate functions, charitable events, and industry conferences. His expertise in seamlessly steering events, coupled with his knack for delivering compelling and insightful speeches, makes him a top choice for after-dinner speaking engagements.

Adding to his impressive portfolio, Sainsbury harbours a passion for classic cars, particularly his 1963 Lincoln Continental 4-door convertible. He also dedicates himself to a vital cause, running Men’s Health Week, an annual awareness campaign aimed at preventing men from dying due to preventable causes such as diabetes, heart disease, and suicide.

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