Paul Spinks

Paul Spinks, with his rich background as an Advanced Australian Care Paramedic and a trauma counselor, is a force to be reckoned with in addressing the mental health epidemic gripping Australia.

His experiences as a paramedic, where he encountered numerous mental health crises, led him on a journey of understanding the depth and breadth of the mental health issue that has plagued the nation.

Throughout his career, he has been astounded by the stark contrast in the will to live between those with abundant resources and those struggling for survival in war-torn countries. He implores society to examine the contemporary lifestyle and its contributions to mental health problems, emphasizing the importance of diet, physical activity, and the overall connection between mental and physical health.

Spinks bravely shares his own stories and struggles with mental health, aiming to inspire audiences to reflect, reset, and take control of their lives before mental health issues spiral out of control. He speaks passionately about the necessity of shifting from outdated methods to actual solutions that can improve the well-being of all Australians.

A significant part of his work is raising awareness within Australian workplaces. He firmly believes that employers have a crucial role to play in supporting their staff through challenging times, and those who ignore this duty risk their bottom line. His message is clear: changing the game in the workplace by prioritising the health and well-being of employees results in a more motivated, productive, and happier workforce.