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Mike Jenkins

Mike was drawn to the IT industry as a result of the ability of tech to connect, engage, impact & transform ALL sectors combined with the huge personalities of 1990's and early 2000’s ICT in New Zealand.

Today; Mike is recognised as a rising star of the Hi-tech arena following his confirmation as emerging ICT leader of the year at the NZ CIO awards in 2016.

Mike is a student of the global tech landscape but literally 'grew up' in the early days of Computerland era of NZ tech in the Waikato, his first gig was loading Novell floppy disk sets onto Compaq machines in the 90's as an after-school job.

While massively respectful of those that have blazed the trail of NZ tech before him; Mike is not afraid to publicly challenge the traditional "suit and tie" mafia, fat margins and in some rare cases the hidden underbelly of protectionism encountered in the traditional tech sector by bringing a fresh new lens and a commitment to tangible business outcomes, underpinned by proven modern technologies including the public cloud, machine learning and automation to help solve the business problems of today as well as those on the horizon that we may not yet be aware of.