David Rankin

David Rankin is a former Bank Manager and Small Business Specialist with ANZ and Westpac. Ten years ago, he founded the multi-award-winning personal budgeting service Sort My Money.


As an author, money coach and podcast host, David shows individuals, couples and business owners how to punch significantly above their financial weight.

The unique tried-and-tested methods he espouses put people in control of their finances and, therefore, their financial destiny and their life journey.

By learning to delay gratification, mental health, physical health and wealth outcomes all benefit and life’s milestones can be planned for with confidence and certainty.

His ‘train-hard-fight-easy’ attitude to day-to-day money management is empowering, calming and characterised by financial peace of mind. An approach that is based on skills and habits that, once learned, you will never want to be without.