Sarah Wilson

Sarah Wilson is a multi-New York Times and Amazon best-selling author, podcaster, international keynote speaker, philanthropist and climate change advisor.

Sarah is an experienced speaker who has presented to the New York Times, Microsoft USA, Google, Apple, Facebook, the National Press Club in Canberra, National Australia Bank, IKEA, Monash University, RMIT and has been a guest lecturer for the University. She is also a globally recognised thought leader and commentator.

She has presented on conspiracy theories for the New York Times, The Guardian’s Full Story and ABC’s This Much is True podcast. She has appeared on ABC’s QnA to talk about the anxiety epidemic, and was a guest presenter on ABC’s Compass for a special on minimalism. She also guest lectured for the University of Cambridge’s Sustainability and Leadership masters course.

What Sarah Talks About:

The future of wellness

A healthy living presentation that curates the trends and developments that actually work and are backed by gold-standard science. Sarah draws on more than 15 years of extensive research and lived experience to present the top wellness tips to transform individual and workplace outcomes, including quitting sugar, mental health and anxiety tips as well as longevity hacks that draw on her work with the National Geographic’s “Blue Zones” project.

How to run a business – and a life – based on values

Sarah has studied the best productivity, wellness and simple living advice (detailed across more than 100 Sunday Life column explorations, 1500 blog posts, 15 books and scores of podcast episodes). She draws on lessons learned from meeting His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Oprah’s life coach, Brene Brown, Seth Godin and many more to guide corporates and entrepreneurs wishing to foster an impactful and meaningful career. She parlays the advice she’s gleaned into her experience running Australia’s largest digital wellness business…and then shutting it, donating all profits to charity.

Making the beast beautiful

A nuanced and deep “conversation” that recasts anxiety as a philosophical and creative experience. In this presentation, Sarah draws on her own experience living with bipolar disorder, and the research and experiences she encountered over 7 years creating her New York Times bestseller, First, We Make the Beast Beautiful. This can be tailored to students if necessary.

Sarah’s presentation style is very agile. She can tailor her keynotes to your needs, customise a presentation on other relevant topics, and contribute to panels. Sarah is also available to MC your event.