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Dr Natalie Flynn

Dr Natalie Flynn is a Senior Clinical Psychologist who has worked in the area of mental health for 27 years. In that time she’s worked in an extensive range of settings both in New Zealand and the UK including Broadmoor High Security Psychiatric Hospital in Berkshire, a number of Community Mental Health Centres both in Auckland and London, Mental Heath Crisis Teams in London and Auckland, Community Alcohol and Drug Services, the Early Intervention Psychosis team, Maternal Mental Health Services, Auckland inpatient Psychiatric Services, the Regional Eating Disorders Service, Auckland Prison, the Kari Centre, and Tranx (working with prescription drug dependence). She received a 'Bright Future Top Achiever’ Doctoral Scholarship for her research in neuropsychology (understanding how the brain relates to behaviour), and more recently has written a bestselling book—Smart Mothering—which examines the research behind parenting choices, and she also co-founded the Parentland app with Nigel Latta. For the last nine years she has run a successful private practice in Auckland focusing on adult mental health.