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Justin Flitter

Justin Flitter is the founder of NewZealand.AI and one of New Zealand’s leading voices on Artificial Intelligence and the impact it’s having on people, business and society. Passionate about helping companies leverage emerging tech, he’s a sought-after AI for business educator and advisor. 

Justin brings an energetic stage presence, motivating business leaders and industries to ignite their AI journey, building knowledge, and new capabilities supercharged by AI.

His keynote talks include: but can be customised to your event

- How AI is reshaping our world - A confronting, inspiring and jaw dropping showcase of AI that’s changing everything

- Scaling Awesome - How AI is supercharging human potential

- Don’t snooze your way out of business - Machines are now as capable as humans at many tasks, and could be running your business in a few years, with or without you.

- Supercharging Business Potential - A practical guide to help businesses unlock new capabilities, powered by AI

You can also book Justin to Emcee your conference.

Justin is also a Director of Business Mentors New Zealand, Chair of the NZ Tech Marketers Group, Founder of Marketing Agency Unrivaled and Emcee of TEDx Auckland.