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Claire Turnbull

Claire Turnbull, a leading figure in the field of nutrition and wellbeing, is a dynamic and experienced speaker ideal for your next event.

As the founder of Mission Nutrition, she brings over 20 years of expertise as a degree-qualified nutritionist, combined with her knowledge from a diploma in positive psychology and wellbeing, to offer no-nonsense, realistic advice to your audience​​. She is known for her holistic approach, focusing on creating habits that make it easier to eat well, move more, sleep better, and take charge of mental wellbeing​​.

Having completed her BSc (Hons) in Dietetics in 2004 and working as a NZ Registered Nutritionist, Claire also has a rich background in fitness, being a qualified fitness instructor. Her family background in health - with her father as a doctor, mother as a nurse, and brother as a pharmacist and anaesthetist - further deepens her connection to the field​​. Claire's personal journey, overcoming her own mental health challenges and a brain injury, adds a layer of empathy and understanding to her work, making her relatable to a wide audience​​.

Currently, Claire leads a team of qualified dieticians and nutritionists at Mission Nutrition, offering assistance across various aspects of health and wellbeing​​. Her work extends to the media, where she comments on topics like nutrition, health, wellbeing, and positive psychology for TV, radio, and print media, making her a well-recognised figure in New Zealand​​.

Duration: 45 minutes. 15 minutes Q and A.

Essential Talent arranges a prep call with Claire Turnbull prior to the event, and provides an industry standard agreement for peace of mind.