Ingrid Maynard

Ingrid Maynard is a renegade out to change the status quo.

She knows the time is ripe for a revolution towards customers, sales and profit by transforming how the next generation of market leaders embraces key stakeholders.

Sales isn’t a dirty word or just a business’s a metaphor for mutual enrichment, for mutual mattering, and compassionate presence. Magnetic corporations and brands attract and bond with their customers differently. So can yours.

Ingrid has an impressive 25-year track record of transforming business outcomes in record time frames for some of Australia and New Zealand’s most iconic brands.

Featured on Sky Business, Ticker News, a regular contributor to CEO World, the Daily Telegraph and Herald Sun, Ingrid’s thought leadership and commentary on business impacts and the future of work are widely sought after.

Ingrid speaks the things others are thinking with an inspired, heartfelt and purpose-driven delivery. Audiences of the next horizon of entrepreneurs, executives, leaders and corporations will feel their moment has arrived.