Arizona Leger

Arizona Leger is a young leader who exemplifies courage, innovation, and a commitment to equality and human rights.

In 2023, Arizona made a significant impact as a keynote speaker at the IWG Women & Sport world conference in Auckland. Here, she emphasised the importance of bravery and making change for the future of women in sport. Her speech, drawing inspiration from her ancestors, highlighted the need for more indigenous women in leadership positions and the value of speaking up even when it seems daunting​​.

Furthermore, Arizona has been actively involved in elevating the conversation around women's sports. She contributed to a seven-part series focusing on significant wāhine toa (women warriors) in women’s sports. Her role as a Board Director of Counties Manukau Rugby Football Union reflects her deep commitment to this cause. Additionally, she expressed excitement about the FIFA Women’s Football World Cup 2023, emphasising the strength of her heritage and the importance of challenging traditional perspectives​​.

Arizona is also dedicated to academic and professional excellence. She is currently completing her Masters in Human Rights at the Auckland University of Technology. Her previous accomplishments include being appointed to the Ministerial Advisory Group to review the National Certificate of Educational Achievement program in 2018, being selected as the sole indigenous delegate to attend the Girls 20 Summit in Tokyo in 2019, and serving as a northern representative for Kau Tuli, the youth steering group for the Ministry for Pacific people in 2020​​.

Arizona Leger’s journey is a testament to her leadership, advocacy for equality, and her commitment to empowering young women. Her experiences and insights make her an ideal speaker for events focusing on leadership, sports, cultural diversity, and women's empowerment.

Duration: 45 minutes. 15 minutes Q and A. Essential Talent arranges a prep call with Arizona Leger prior to the event and provides an industry-standard agreement for peace of mind.