Tim Roxborogh

2024 marks Tim Roxborogh's 25th year in media having worked across radio and TV, as well as being one of New Zealand’s most published travel and music writers with over 500 articles. Those articles have taken him all over the world and have appeared everywhere from the New Zealand Herald, to The Listener, Woman’s Day, Woman's Weekly, Let’s Travel, M2 and Concrete Playground. 

As a top-rated radio announcer, Tim's voice can be heard weekly on New Zealand’s number one radio station, Newstalk ZB, and he has a background in music radio having hosted breakfast and afternoon drive. His TV credits include appearances on TVNZ's Breakfast and Seven Sharp programs, cricket commentary for Sky Sport and co-hosting his own travel series 'Uncharted' (2021-2022).

Tim crafted the itineraries and shooting schedules on the first two seasons of the international ‘Izzy & Beaver’ travel series starring the former All Blacks Israel Dagg and Stephen Donald (2023), and worked as an advisor on the 6x Emmy-nominated documentary 'Bee Gees: How Can You Mend A Broken Heart' (2020) as well as the 2023 Kennedy Center Honors in Washington DC. 

A 2x NZ Radio Award Winner including alongside former Commodores' bassist Ronald LaPread for their weekly 'All About Soul' radio show (2007-2009), Tim has interviewed many of the biggest names in music, such as Barry Gibb, Burt Bacharach, John Mayer, Dixie Chicks, Lionel Richie, Backstreet Boys, Cliff Richard, Duran Duran, Brian Wilson, Fleetwood Mac, David Crosby and Sheryl Crow.

Why To Use Tim Roxborogh For Your Next Event:

Tim is known for his wide general knowledge, his warm sense of humour and his strong broadcast voice. He prides himself on being able to talk about anything and everything, whether it’s travel, music, film and television, politics, social issues, history or sport. He is just as comfortable reading from a script or autocue as he is ad-libbing or hosting Q&A sessions. Tim has MC’d everything from major corporate events (New Zealander Of The Year), to best-selling book launches (Lorraine Downes), to large tourism industry presentations (Malaysia Tourism), through to weddings and sports prize-givings.

Career Highlights: 

-Advisor for the Kennedy Center Honours (2023).

- Topping nationwide radio ratings with a market share of over 30% (all ages 10+) for Newstalk ZB's 'Sunday Nights With Tim Roxborogh' (2023).

- Associate Producer for ‘Izzy & Beaver’ travel series (2023).

- 1.9 million total hits for RoxboroghReport.com (2023).

- Co-host of New Zealand travel series ‘Uncharted’ (2021-2022)

- Lifting Auckland radio ratings for Newstalk ZB's 'Weekend Collective' from 3.8% in 2018 to 17.1% in 2021 (all ages 10+). Number one in its time-slot nationwide (2021).

- Biggest radio interviews include Barry Gibb, Burt Bacharach, Martin Luther King III, Russell Crowe, John Mayer, Dixie Chicks, Lionel Richie, Rachel Hunter, Hall & Oates, Backstreet Boys, NSYNC, Cliff Richard, Duran Duran, Brian Wilson, Fleetwood Mac, Paul Michael Glaser, David Crosby and Sheryl Crow (2005-2021).

- Commentator for international and domestic cricket for Radio Sport, Sky Sport and NZC.nz (2015-2020).

- Advisor on 6x Emmy-nominated documentary ‘Bee Gees: How Can You Mend A Broken Heart’ (2020).

- Weekly 'Travel Bugs' columnist for New Zealand Herald (2017-2020).

- New Zealand Herald concert reviewer, including Paul McCartney, Queen, Katy Perry etc. (2017-2020).

- Co-creator of New Zealand Herald 'Trip Notes' podcast (2019).

- Creator of own digital soul and R&B radio station, ‘Coast Soul’ (2016-2018).

- Record ratings for Sunday nights on Newstalk ZB with the highest Auckland figures for any station (23.7% all ages 10+) going back at least 10 years (2016).

- Doubled nationwide ratings to 25.7% (all ages 10+) in less than a year alongside Pam Corkery on Newstalk ZB’s Friday and Sunday night show ‘The Two’ (2012-2014).

- 2x New Zealand Radio Award Winner including alongside former Commodores' bassist Ronald LaPread for our weekly 'All About Soul' radio show (2007-2009).

- New Zealand’s youngest (at the time) metropolitan breakfast radio anchor with the 'Easy Mix Breakfast Show' (2008).

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