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Kevin Biggar

Kevin Biggar is an esteemed adventurer, author, and motivational speaker, who transitioned from a career in strategy consulting to pursue a passion for extreme endurance challenges.

His remarkable journey includes rowing across the Atlantic and trekking to the South Pole, feats that tested his physical and mental fortitude to extraordinary levels. In the Trans-Atlantic Rowing Race, Biggar, alongside Jamie Fitzgerald, navigated a 7m plywood dinghy over 5000 km, setting a new world record despite never having rowed before and being prone to seasickness. They faced storms, sleep deprivation, and even a dramatic capsize near Barbados​​.

Biggar’s subsequent challenge was an unsupported trek from the coast of Antarctica to the South Pole and back, a journey that entailed battling extreme cold, frostbite, injury, and gear failure. This expedition further demonstrated his resilience, as he endured severe weight loss and harsh conditions to reach the South Pole​​.

In addition to his adventurous pursuits, Biggar co-hosted the TVNZ documentary series ‘First Crossings’ and ‘Intrepid NZ’, where he recreated challenging parts of pioneering adventure stories in New Zealand. His varied professional background, including roles at The NZ Treasury and The Boston Consulting Group, and as CEO of a software startup, enables him to connect with diverse audiences. Biggar shares insights from his adventures in highly visual, entertaining presentations and interactive workshops, impacting thousands with his advice on unleashing potential​​​​.

As a motivational speaker with Essential Talent, Kevin Biggar shares key messages on goal-setting, strategic planning, teamwork, and resilience. His experiences inspire listeners to push their limits and pursue their goals, embodying adaptability and the significance of embracing challenges​​.

Duration: 45 minutes. 15 minutes Q and A. Essential Talent arranges a prep call with Kevin Biggar prior to the event and provides an industry-standard agreement for peace of mind.


Testimonial from Nick Mowbray, Co-Founder of Zuru

Exceptional Motivational Speaker for Corporate Teams

"In my experience, Kevin stands out as an exceptional motivational speaker. His ability to weave inspiring lessons into his incredible personal story is truly outstanding. I highly recommend him for any team or company seeking inspiration and motivation."

Testimonial from Gerri Ward, Z Energy

Inspiring and Engaging Corporate Event Speaker

"Our team at Z Energy was absolutely captivated by Kevin's presentation. His grounded, humorous, and authentic approach made a lasting impression. His ability to be both personable and entertaining while delivering valuable insights made his talk a highlight of our corporate event. Kevin comes highly recommended for his unique blend of humour and inspiration."

Testimonial from John Alemann, CEO, Waratah

Impactful Speaker on Safety and Teamwork

"Kevin delivered a spectacular talk on the themes of safety and teamwork, drawing from his adventurous experiences. His storytelling skill, combined with extreme examples of safety and teamwork applications, was both engaging and educational. His approach to simplifying complex challenges into actionable insights is commendable. Kevin's interaction with the audience, supplemented by photos and videos, made for an unforgettable experience. Our staff are still buzzing from his impactful presentation."