Matt Formston

Matt Formston is no ordinary athlete. With less than 5% vision, he's a world champion surfer, cyclist and Australian Paralympian.

Diagnosed with Macular Dystrophy at age 5, Matt defied expectations by excelling in mainstream school and playing Rugby League, Union, and Ice Hockey - all with the love and support of his family who never used the word 'can't' and focused on things that he could do.

Beyond the waves and tracks, Matt is a powerhouse in the professional realm. As a motivational speaker and executive coach, he's inspired leaders and teams across iconic brands and businesses in Australia. His story is a testament to turning differences into superpowers.

But Matt doesn't just ride waves; he pushes the limits. A blind surfer chasing big barrels, he's the focus of an upcoming documentary showcasing his extraordinary journey. Since 2018, he's been giving back, running clinics for blind and visually impaired children, teaching them to embrace the freedom of the

ocean using sound, touch, and other senses.

Matt's impact extends beyond the waves and clinics. In 2023, he launched the award-winning children's book, "Surfing in the Dark," a collaboration with Vision Australia. The first book with text, illustrations, and braille, it now graces the Premier's reading list across all Australian states.

A global media sensation, Matt's recent achievements include surfing a 55-foot wave in Nazare, Portugal and winning the 2023 Heavy Water Award at the Surfing Australia Awards. This is the first time a para surfer has been awarded an able-bodied award at this level.

As an ambassador for Vision Australia, Invictus Australia, and SurfAid, he dedicates his time to various boards, including Chair of Para Surfing Australia and the Executive Director on the Board of Blind Sports and Recreation.

Matt Formston is not just an athlete; he's a force breaking barriers and inspiring a world that once doubted what he could achieve.