Rob Hartnett

Rob Hartnett brings a dynamic energy and insightful perspective to his presentations on driving Sales Results.

Known as a “Big Game Hunter,” Rob has been influencing the sphere of business-to-business sales strategies for over two decades.

His journey began at KPMG, marking his transition from an accountant to a sales leader. He has since held senior sales and marketing roles at world-renowned brands such as Apple, HP, Publicis, and the Miller Heiman Group, as well as advising numerous small businesses and startups.

Rob's presentations, tailored to your specific needs, span across Sales, Leadership, Mindset, and Sales Performance. He's distinguished by his strong focus on exceeding expectations and his dedication to rigorous audience research. This commitment to delivering value extends to his flexibility in working with event organisers and his emphasis on achieving the precise outcomes desired for your session.

His passion for high performance has earned him speaking engagements across Australia, Asia, the USA, and the UK, cementing his reputation as an impactful speaker and industry expert.