Helen Fitzroy

Helen Fitzroy is a devoted workplace safety advocate, grief counsellor, and author, whose passion was ignited by a personal tragedy.

When her husband, Steve, was tragically killed in an underground mining accident in Norseman, WA in 1991, Helen was left a widow with three young children to raise. This devastating event inspired her to ensure workplace safety and support for bereaved families.

Helen's writing became a powerful coping mechanism, leading to the publication of her first book, "Just a Number." The book recounts her family's struggle in the five years following Steve's death, offering a poignant glimpse into the emotional, legal, and bureaucratic hurdles faced by families grieving a workplace fatality.

Since the publication of "Just a Number," Helen has traveled extensively across Australia and abroad, campaigning for improved safety and better support for bereaved families. As a compelling keynote speaker, she delivers safety-focused presentations to companies across various industries, emphasising the importance of mutual commitment to safety at work.

In 2010, Helen's dedication and passion led her to establish Miners' Promise, a not-for-profit organisation providing emotional and practical support to members and their families in the wake of crisis events such as death, illness, or serious accidents. Helen has served as a Director and Chairperson on the Miners' Promise Board and continues to work closely with the organisation as a family support advisor.

As a qualified grief counsellor, Helen provides guidance to families coping with the loss of a loved one. She has been recognised for her tireless efforts as a safety advocate, being named a WA Local Hero of the Year and a National Finalist in Australia's Local Hero Awards in 2012.