Zac De Silva (Workshop)

Zac de Silva is a popular business coach and profit and growth strategist. He works with companies of all sizes to help them maximise profit and scale up. He's also focused on helping business people become better at business and at leadership. Zac offers a number of one-day workshops, with topics including:

- Business Planning & Strategy

- Effective Leadership

- Personal Development

- How to be More Innovative in Business 

Please reach out for further information on what these workshops cover.

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Wild Wheat: Having just completed the two day strategy workshop, I couldn't be more excited to put everything learned into action. Zac is a fantastic leader and facilitator in guiding the group. Zac has a wonderful ability to speak at everyone's level, allowing his wealth of knowledge and experience to never be intimidating. I would recommend to any business looking to wishes to define, re-define or overhaul their strategies to attend this course.

International Rescue: Zac's Business Planning and Strategy workshop was both inspiring and insightful. I'm now excited about the opportunities we've highlighted and have great strategies in place to make the most of them. Cheers Zac, much appreciated.

Giftbox Boutique: I have known Zac for 5 years now and his relaxed and calm approach to mentoring has helped me immeasurably. He is softly spoken, assured in his knowledge and careful in his guidance. I would say he puts you into the position of finding out what your next right move is without telling you what that next right move is. It's a fantastic skill and we the business community that he serves are lucky to have him.

Little Wilderness: We went to the workshop with open minds and hoping to glean a few helpful insights and tools to develop our business. This workshop exceeded our expectations. Zac and his team have empowered us to take our business to the next level. Through a mixture of Zac's entertaining and earnest storytelling and our own input we uncovered exactly what we need to do and where to go next. I am astonished at how much ground we covered in two days. We were amazed at Zac's ability to include all business's at a variety of levels of development too. Also amazing catering and coffee. Thanks guys!


Bolton Hotel - Paul Johnson: I took part in Zac's Effective Leadership course in June and can't recommend it enough. The course provides an excellent toolkit to keep myself accountable and ensure I continue to follow the learnings.

The Virtue - Brooke Lean: Zac is great at what he does and has very good insight. His leadership workshop is very effective and asks questions that you may not have considered otherwise. Zac doesn't complicate things and ensures you have the basics down. He offers great perspective on a wide range of business matters and I would highly recommend attending Zac's leadership workshop and business planning workshops

Wild on Waiheke - David Jackson: Inspirational, relevant and practical. Highly recommend Zac's Leadership course to anyone who is serious about growing their business through personal development.

Juliette Hogan - Lucy Slater: Thanks so much Zac. I really enjoyed the workshop, and feel like I have come away with some really actionable and clear takeaways. For me it has really emphasised the importance of the energy and areas of focus that I need to put into my team to enable me to do my role more effectively and for my team to be higher performing.


MF KING - Harry Wheelans: Zac and his team have developed a very thought provoking course that helps you clearly identify your strengths , weaknesses and set priorities so you continue to thrive.

Maverick Digital - Alex Dykman: Thanks to you, I have the tools and knowledge to make the changes needed to continue improving as a mum, a leader and a business owner — and it is so, so helpful for life in general. I found the conversations and discussions to be completely invaluable; it lights a fire in my belly for the future.

Crave home - Jude Turner: Zac runs a great course - full of stimulating ideas, thought provoking steps and inspiring quotes.  He has an innate ability to get to the nub of an issue - you do all the hard thinking but he guides and questions you.  I found this course super helpful and wouldn't hesitate to recommend it.


Mint Design - Shayne Moore: We found this workshop thought-provoking and well structured, ideal to help us as business owners and our team to get the best ideas out of our heads and closer to implementation. Thanks Zac – I am very excited to implement what we learnt and to use the brilliant resources and approaches that you shared with us to help make innovation an on-going part of our business!

Heart Saver NZ - Helen Mander: Thank you for such a fantastic day Zac and team! We attended the Innovation Workshop and came away feeling inspired and ready to implement lots of the tools and skills we went through. Zac is a great speaker and is really knowledgeable around many facets of business including innovation – and the food and coffee was amazing too. Bring on lots of innovation at our business!

84 Recruitment - Mark Fisher: I have done all of Zac’s workshops and this one knocked it out of the park! He has a wizard-like ability to simplify daunting things including innovation for you to then be able to implement in your business. We have already done some of the homework he gave us and the innovative ideas we have had thanks to what Zac shared have been mind-blowing!

Asona - Anne Ridgway: Thank you Zac for such a motivating day learning about innovation! I am ready to implement some of the tools and skills we went through to take innovation to the next level at our business. I am so excited to share with our team and to implement.

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