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Mike King

Mike King, a prominent New Zealand mental health advocate, is renowned for his transformative journey from a celebrated entertainer to a pivotal figure in mental health education and advocacy.

His work, rooted in his personal battles with depression and addiction, resonates deeply with diverse audiences, particularly those in New Zealand. As the founder of the Key to Life Charitable Trust and the initiator of Gumboot Friday, King's commitment to mental health awareness and suicide prevention has been unwavering.

King's advocacy is marked by his emphasis on open and honest discussions about mental health, especially among young Kiwis. His approach to addressing these issues is highly engaging and relatable, making him an exceptional choice for your event. By sharing his journey, King connects with his audience on a profound level, offering not only insight but also practical advice and hope.

His speaking engagements are a blend of motivational speaking and mental health education, tailored to resonate with all levels within an organisation.

King's message is universal – it's about overcoming personal struggles, dealing with mental health issues, and fostering a supportive community. His efforts have not only gained substantial government support, amounting to $6 million annually for Gumboot Friday to provide free counselling for young New Zealanders, but also widespread community appreciation.

In 2019, King's dedication to mental health advocacy was recognised when he was named New Zealander of the Year. He has also been appointed an Officer of the New Zealand Order of Merit, an honour he returned in 2021 to protest the lack of progress in the mental health system. This bold move further highlights his commitment to real change and accountability in mental health advocacy.

By inviting Mike King to your event, you're not just getting a speaker; you're engaging a transformative figure who can profoundly impact your audience's perspective on mental health and wellbeing. His 45-minute talk, followed by a 15-minute Q&A, promises to be an enlightening and inspiring experience.

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