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Rachel Maia

Rachel Maia is a trailblazer in the world of paraclimbing.

After a severe rock climbing accident at 16, she took an 18-year hiatus before returning to the sport in 2017. As New Zealand's first-ever international paraclimber, Rachel holds multiple national records and has achieved remarkable success, including winning New Zealand's first-ever IFSC World Cup Medal in 2022.

Apart from her accomplishments in sport, Rachel is also a passionate public speaker. She shares her insights on growth, well-being, overcoming adversity, and strategies for success in both personal and professional life. Drawing from her experiences as a single parent to three children, a survivor of domestic violence, and an advocate for her health, she emphasises the importance of community and asking for help.

Rachel's aim is to inspire others to create positive change through adversity and to thrive despite challenging circumstances. Her powerful story, filled with laughter and tears, will leave audiences feeling empowered to reach beyond their own expectations.