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Gilbert Enoka

Gilbert Enoka, a legendary mental skills coach, has made a significant impact on New Zealand's sports scene, particularly with the All Blacks rugby team.

His career with the All Blacks, spanning over two decades and including six Rugby World Cups, is a testament to his profound influence on one of the most successful teams in rugby history. Enoka's tenure with the All Blacks, marked by nearly 300 tests and contributing to two World Cup wins, is a highlight of his career.

In 2023, Enoka announced the conclusion of his illustrious career with the All Blacks, marking a pivotal point in his journey. His expertise in mental conditioning, leadership, and team dynamics, has not only shaped the All Blacks but also extended to other national teams like the Silver Ferns and the Black Caps. Additionally, he has taken on a consulting role with the English Premier League Football club Chelsea.

Enoka's approach to mental skills coaching goes beyond the sports field. He has a track record of over thirty years in performance enhancement, working with top CEOs, businesses, and the sporting elite. His philosophy revolves around preparing individuals mentally to perform better, regardless of the field.

His speaking engagements reflect his vast experience and unique insights into high-performance sport. Enoka excels in translating these principles into actionable insights for diverse audiences, making him a sought-after speaker not just in sports but also in corporate settings. His focus on creating a winning culture, fostering psychological resilience, and effective leadership resonates well with both sports teams and business leaders.

Booking Gilbert Enoka for your event guarantees an engaging and inspiring session, imparting a deeper understanding of performance, leadership, and mental resilience. His 45-minute talk, followed by a 15-minute Q&A, will offer your audience valuable lessons in achieving success and excellence. Essential Talent arranges a prep call with Gilbert Enoka prior to the event and provides an industry-standard agreement for peace of mind.