Mitch Wallis

Mitch Wallis is one of the most recognisable faces in mental health. 

He is a leader in the wellbeing space with a lifelong mission to ‘change the way the world feels’.

His goal is to transform the lives of 1 billion people to be more mentally healthy. He is achieving this through the content he produces, the organisations he runs, and the programs he develops.

After working at Microsoft for almost 7 years, he left his successful corporate career to devote himself full time to helping people overcome suffering and reimagine the healing potential of the mind through the power of storytelling, connection & living with authenticity.

Mitch is mental health expert – holding a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology from Columbia University in New York, and he has over 20 years of lived experience with mental ill health including anxiety, depression and OCD.

He is an accomplished keynote speaking having delivered talks to tens of thousands of people, including some of the most recognised companies in the world such as Amazon, American Express, Salesforce, KPMG and dozens more. He has been an advisor to the United Nations on the topic of youth mental health, and been named a Man of Impact by GQ. He was appointed the first ever ambassador for the Australia & New Zealand Mental Health Association and is currently an expert advisor to the Corporate Mental Health Alliance.

He’s been featured in wellbeing campaigns by the likes of Allianz and LinkedIn, and featured in top news publications like Sky News, Huffington Post and Channel 10’s The Project. He is accredited in mental health first aid, and is a trained Lifeline crisis supporter. Mitch runs a popular podcast that has featured guests like Harvard Psychologist Dr Daniel Siegel & mindfulness guru Mallika Chopra, as well as personalities such as Ms Universe and world class Olympians.

Mitch is also a social entrepreneur – holding a Bachelors degree in Commerce from the University of Sydney. He is most well known for being the founder of “Heart On My Sleeve” - a leading global mental health movement and services provider. He is the creator of “Real Conversations” - a mental health training curriculum that’s been distributed to 200,000 people, and the creator of “Real Mates” - an innovative peer support program of accredited mental health mentors in workplaces and communities.

He has co-founded a stress & anxiety supplement business called “Calm Water”, and is a private investor in Australia’s #1 non-alcoholic craft beer “Heaps Normal”.

Inclusions for all talks:

  • Interactive by design - Q&A included in all talks at the end of the session to encourage participation from the audience. 

  • Prep for success – 30-minute alignment meeting to sync on goals, content and approach for the talk. Plus a 15-min technical rehearsal. 

  • Drive attendance - 1 minute promo video + communications blurb, bio & headshots to support the promotion of the event. 

  • Increase reach – Unlimited audience capacity + permission to record session and host keynote internally for up to 1 month. 

  • Long-term impact - Follow up summary to distribute post event + impact survey distributed to quantify measurable results of the keynote.


Steven Worrall - Managing Director Australia - Microsoft

“It’s authenticity. The story that Mitch tells, and the way he tells it, breaks through. We’ve been having this conversation about wellness for a long time, inside of Microsoft, and making progress. But there’s no question that when we introduced Mitch to the team and saw how he shared his personal story it resonated in a way we hadn’t been able to get through in the past”

Head of People & Operations Australia - KPMG

“Mitch’s keynote events and workshops are always delivered with great proficiency. Mitch is an extremely knowledgeable and engaging speaker in the mental health space who has the ability to capture the audience, across each level of the organisation, with real passion and authenticity. Each program Mitch has delivered across our organisation is met with positive feedback and we have our people continuing to ask for more”

Pip Marlow - CEO Salesforce ANZ & ASEAN

"It was really incredible having Mitch here telling his story. Because if we can't lead by example, we can't make it real. And to have someone be so vulnerable and so open, that was a gift to everybody… and I think it's just inspired 14,000 people to wear their heart on their sleeve"