Olly Bridge

Olly boasts 25 years of experience in the field of health and performance. He has held esteemed positions such as Executive Director of the Workplace Health Association of Australia (WHAA), and COO of a health tech company jointly listed on the ASX and NASDAQ. While serving as Head of Health and Wellbeing at an ASX listed company, the organisation won the AHRI’s Martin Seligman Prize for Best Health & Wellbeing Program.

Olly's foundational training comes from the University of Bath - English Institute of Sport (EIS) where he studied Sport & Exercise Science. This led to collaborations with elite athletes like Jenson Button and Mark Webber at Benetton/Renault Formula One, and the British Olympic Gymnastics Team. His question is simple yet insightful: if sports science has illuminated the path for athletes to reach their peak, why aren't these principles applied to the 'Corporate Athlete’?

For the past decade, Olly has occupied various senior leadership roles, demonstrating the successful application of sports science rules to the 'Corporate Athlete'. His approach proves that, be it on the sports field or in the boardroom, it's the little things - the 1%ers each day - that cumulatively make a substantial difference. These incremental improvements enable athletes and everyday people alike to extract the most from themselves and their teams.